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In response to the artificial intelligence craze, Alibaba is launching a rival to ChatGPT



  • As tech firms race to get a piece of the AI tool frenzy, Alibaba is testing a competitor to ChatGPT.
  • The technology is also being investigated by Microsoft, Alphabet, and Baidu. 
  • It will integrate an AI chatbot into its products, according to the Chinese e-commerce giant.

As investors pour money into artificial intelligence products, Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is developing a competitor to ChatGPT. According to a report on CNBC, the multinational tech company is testing a chatbot developed with artificial intelligence.

China’s tech giant has been focused on generative intelligence and large language models since its AI research arm was established in 2017, it said on Wednesday, though it did not specify when exactly it plans to launch chatbots.

Alibaba’s technology development effort

As part of Alibaba’s technology development effort, it is developing a tool similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which is able to write cover letters, come up with dating app messages, and give general investing advice. When Microsoft announced in January that it would invest a further $10 billion in OpenAI, the company’s stock soared. There is also an AI arms race going on between Alphabet, parent company of Google, and Baidu, a Chinese search engine giant. 

A new technological advancement has caught the attention of investors. Several companies have seen their stock values rise as a result of the recent AI stock boom, including AI provider and Buzzfeed. These companies are either developing their own chatbots or integrating AI language tools into their products.

HKD107.60 was the price of Ali Baba’s shares on Thursday.

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