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Empowering Humanities Graduates Through the Alumni Chapter’s Support Network**



Empowering Humanities Graduates Through the Alumni Chapter's Support Network

Empowering Humanities Graduates Through the Alumni Chapter’s Support Network. The Faculty of Humanities at the university celebrated a significant milestone on September 8, 2023, as it officially launched its Faculty Alumni Chapter.

The event brought together over 150 alumni from diverse fields, including journalism, law, teaching, public relations, government, and the South African Police Services.

Empowering Humanities Graduates Through the Alumni Chapter’s Support Network

The primary goal of the Faculty Alumni Chapter is to further the university’s mission of preparing graduates for the ever-evolving world of work and entrepreneurship, all while providing support for strategic university initiatives.


Key Speakers and Their Messages

Prof Herbert Maserumule’s Welcome Address:Prof Herbert Maserumule, the Executive Dean of the Faculty, highlighted the crucial role that alumni can play in enhancing the university’s ability to produce graduates who are well-prepared for the future workplace. He emphasized the importance of alumni support and urged them to foster relationships with industries beneficial to both the university and students.

Empowering Humanities Graduates

Prof Herbert Maserumule.

Dr Eric Pule’s Perspective: Dr Eric Pule, Director of the Advancement and Partnership Office, stressed the significance of establishing a tangible relationship with TUT alumni. He encouraged alumni to become ambassadors for the university and emphasized their invaluable experience, skills, resources, and expertise in shaping future-ready graduates.

Dakalo Makwarela’s Encouragement: Dakalo Makwarela, President of TUT Convocation, encouraged alumni to actively participate in TUT’s Alumni activities. He underscored the collective commitment of all stakeholders present to advance the cause of graduates, Convocation members, and the university as a whole.

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Dr. Grace Vuma’s Pledge: Keynote speaker Dr. Grace Vuma expressed TUT graduates’ readiness to collaborate with the university. She emphasized the willingness of alumni to offer mentorship, internships, career opportunities, and support for the next generation of leaders, ultimately contributing to TUT’s continued success.

Oscar Tshifure’s Perspective: Oscar Tshifure, a Business Development and Public Relations specialist and an alumnus, recognized TUT as a source of knowledge, growth, and transformation. He commended the Alumni Chapter as a platform for reconnecting and benefiting both the university and the alumni community.

Establishment of Alumni Committee

Ms. Shalate Davhana, the Manager of Alumni and Fundraising, oversaw the nomination process for establishing the Faculty’s Alumni Committee. She encouraged the newly elected members to preserve the university’s legacy of empowering students by enhancing academic and financial inclusion at TUT. Twelve alumni from both the public and private sectors volunteered to serve as official representatives of the Faculty’s Alumni Committee.


The launch of the Faculty Alumni Chapter marked a significant step in strengthening the ties between the university and its alumni. It highlighted the commitment of alumni, faculty, and university leadership to prepare future-ready graduates and support strategic university projects.

This initiative embodies a sense of collaboration, mentorship, and partnership that will benefit the university, its students, and the broader community for years to come.

For more information on the Tshwane University of Technology, please contact Phaphama Tshisikhawe, Corporate Affairs and Marketing.

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