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Former HoD Daughter Steals Spotlight at ICT Graduation



Former HoD Daughter Steals Spotlight at ICT Graduation

A former HOD of the ICT services at Tshwane University of Technology, Kerabetswe Tau left the audience in awe as she was awarded the Chancellor’s Trophy candidate certificate and a Cumlaude at the Faculty’s autumn graduation ceremony for achieving an Advanced Diploma in Computer Science.

From an early age, Kearabetswe developed a strong interest in computers. At a very young age, my dad introduced me to computers, and my interest in them developed from there. Every time my dad repaired computers at my house, people brought outdated and malfunctioning machines. The whole thing began when one day I became curious about how he fixed them.”

Former HoD Daughter Steals Spotlight at ICT Graduation

The field of information and communication technology (ICT) attracted her interest rapidly, and she eventually enrolled at TUT’s Faculty of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). As a software developer, I specialized in a wide range of technologies. Having been introduced to programming, I became fascinated by the possibility of writing my own programs.

Former HoD Daughter Steals Spotlight at ICT Graduation

From left – Dr Etienne van Wyk, Kearabetswe Tau, Motsepe Lucas Tau.

In the later stages, I learned more about data science, which piqued my interest even more. In order to qualify for the field, I began doing my own research and looking for skills and qualifications. “Computers were the answer”, she said.

Having learned that she would get exposure to data science through Computer Science at the University, Kea was delighted.

“Computer science will change the future of work, as it has already begun automating routine work, which I think people should see as a benefit and not a threat, Kea said when asked about her thoughts on the future of work.

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She added: “This will not only reduce time consumption but also help us focus on making decisions that will help improve service delivery and also help solve challenges we face.”

A recent graduate is fully aware of the hard work required to be successful in the tech industry, she stated that “the career goal I have set for myself motivates me to work hard during my academic studies.” This goal entails using technology and my technical skills to solve problems we face every day. Due to my knowledge that I must acquire sufficient skills in order to succeed in this field, I devote myself to my studies.

Additionally, Kearabetswe strongly encourages current matric students to join the Diploma in Computer Science program since she says: “The digital age is here, and everything is constantly evolving, particularly technology.”. Keeping up with these changes and evolving along with them is crucial, which is why acquiring the right skills is so crucial.

Former HoD Daughter Steals Spotlight at ICT Graduation

Kearabetswe Tau

The young woman expressed her gratitude to her father for introducing her to the fascinating world of computers and technology, mentioning that he still hopes that she will become the best at what she does and, most importantly, that she will enjoy it.

DJing is one of the things Kea enjoys and finds freeing when she unwinds, since music is a release for her. Aside from Photoshop and design, she expresses her creative side through these mediums.

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