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Garden Cities Bursary 2023



Garden Cities

Garden Cities Bursary 2023

Gardens Cities: an overview

In South Africa, Garden Cities develops and manages properties. Various suburbs are built by this company. In 1919, Richard Stuttaford founded the firm with inspiration from Sir Ebenezer Howard, a well-known British urban planner. World War I slum dwellers were proposed to be relocated to newly planned towns.

Since Garden Cities was founded more than 100 years ago, it has developed a wide range of world-class housing projects, including:

  • Pinelands Garden City
  • Meadowridge Garden City
  • Square Hill Garden City
  • Elfindale Garden City
  • Northpine Garden City

Land is purchased for future residential projects with much of the profits reinvested. School halls are also built and CSR initiatives are funded with profits.

The Garden Cities Bursary will be awarded in 2023

A certain number of Garden Cities students receive financial aid every year through bursaries. With the Garden Cities bursary programme, students whose financial circumstances prevent them from attending college are able to improve their lives. Therefore, the South African labor market has access to a large pool of qualified professionals.

Students from undergraduate and postgraduate programs are welcome to apply for Garden Cities’ academic session 2023-24. It is required that they pursue their respective degrees in one of the following fields:

  • B. Pharmacy
  • Bsc Biodiversity and Conservation Biology
  • BSc Physiotherapy
  • BSc Biotechnology
  • BCom Finance
  • BCom Gen
  • Accounting

A case-by-case assessment will determine the bursary value. Registering fees, tuition fees, and other costs will be calculated by the selectors based on the financial need.

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In the beginning, the bursary will be awarded for one academic term. Funding for subsequent sessions can be reapplied for. Academic performance will determine selection.

Applicants for the Garden Cities Bursary must meet the following criteria

It is necessary for applicants to meet the eligibility criteria in order to qualify for bursary funding. In order to select the most deserving candidates, Garden Cities lays out a set of criteria. It is not possible to award bursaries to everyone since there are limited bursaries available. Make sure that all the requirements are met by cross-checking and ensuring.

In order to be eligible for the Garden Cities Bursary 2023, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Citizenship of South Africa is required
  • If applying for the first time, you must be under 26 years of age
  • A postgraduate or undergraduate degree is required
  • Students who are pursuing a degree in one of the fields listed above must be studying in that field
  • Students must attend a university that is recognized by the government
  • A second, third, final, or honors year can be registered for the 2023 session if it is a second, third, final, or honours year.
  • No other bursary program funding may be received, including ETDP, SETA, or NSFAS
  • Between R350,000 and R600,000 must be the household income

It is not a guarantee that you will be selected even if you meet all the criteria. It is preferable to apply from the Western Cape province. Priority will also be given to those with superior academic records. The selection will be decided by Garden Cities.

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Garden Cities Bursary: How to Apply?

Don’t miss out on the Garden Cities bursary program. It shouldn’t take much time for you to complete the application process. Don’t make any mistakes during the process, however.

The form needs to be printed, filled in with ink, and scanned back to PDF. The application form asks for applicants’ personal and academic information. Make sure all questions are answered correctly.


The required documents are listed below

Preparation of the following documents is the second step:

  • A certified copy of your ID is required
  • Certificate of matriculation (certified copies)
  • Certified copies of university progress reports and study records
  • (certified copies) Financial statement of the university detailing its expenses
  • Provide proof of household income (payslips if you are employed; unemployment letter if you are unemployed; and pension advice if you are retired)

Make a PDF copy of the above documents by scanning them.

Email the documents and the application to [email protected]

Bursary deadline for Garden Cities

Application deadline is 17 February 2023. It will not be possible to accept submissions after this date.

The Bursar’s contact information

The following information can be obtained from Mr Lucian Jasson regarding the bursary program:

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