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How can I communicate with TUT



How can I communicate with TUT

How can I communicate with TUT? This passage is an invitation or advertisement for courses offered in the Department of Integrated Communication.

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How can I communicate with TUT?

Let me break it down for you:

Target Audience

  • The passage is directed towards individuals who have strong verbal and written communication skills and are interested in the fields of media, advertising, public relations, and international communication.

Courses Offered

  • The Department of Integrated Communication is offering three specialized courses: Business Communication, Public Relations Management, and International Communication.
  • These courses are available at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Qualifications and Approach

  • The courses in this department provide a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, emphasizing both conceptual understanding and hands-on competency.

Advanced Programs

  • In addition to the diploma programs, the department offers master’s and doctoral degree programs in Strategic Communication.
  • The Strategic Communication program is designed to address the evolving landscape where corporate and marketing communication are converging.
  • It emphasizes the need for a strategic approach to communication management within these corporate and marketing frameworks.

Convergence of Theory and Practice

  • There’s an emphasis on the current trend of convergence between theory and practice in both corporate and marketing communication.
  • The programs are designed to reflect and incorporate this convergence.

Overall, the passage is encouraging individuals with strong communication skills to consider enrolling in the specialized courses offered by the Department of Integrated Communication. It highlights the practicality of the courses and the department’s focus on the strategic aspects of communication management.

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Departmental Administrator

Acting Head of Department

  • Name: Anelda Duvenage

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