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How Microsoft goes beyond ChatGPT with the new Bing



How Microsoft goes beyond ChatGPT with the new Bing

There are some funny resignation letters, news stories, and mistakes that can be produced by the new AI-powered version of Bing.

An upgraded version of the same AI technology behind ChatGPT powers a new AI-powered version of Microsoft’s Bing search engine. I have only used this new Bing version and other AI-driven features in Microsoft’s Edge browser for a couple of hours, but I can already tell that this new technology is a big improvement over ChatGPT.

My first question to Edge’s new “compose” feature was to write a resignation letter in a humorous tone for my boss, citing my concern about artificial intelligence replacing my job.

My previous attempts with ChatGPT

My previous attempts with ChatGPT haven’t yielded anything quite this funny and sassy. Even though a humorous resignation letter isn’t enough to distinguish Microsoft’s AI features from ChatGPT alone, Microsoft’s AI model has a few more significant differences.

With Bing chat, Microsoft now allows you to ask about recent events or those that are unfolding in real time. Based on multiple publications that covered Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing announcement, it summarized what Microsoft announced during its Bing AI event. Microsoft had just made the announcement official minutes earlier.

My previous attempts with ChatGPT haven’t yielded anything quite this funny and sassy. Microsoft’s AI model works differently than ChatGPT in some big ways, but a funny resignation letter doesn’t set them apart.

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With Bing chat, Microsoft now allows you to ask about recent events or those that are unfolding in real time. I asked it to summarize Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing event, and it provided a summary based on multiple media coverage. After Microsoft announced the news, that was all that was left to do.


Bing is sometimes inaccurate

However, Bing is sometimes inaccurate, just like ChatGPT. In response to my request for recent information on Turkey and Syria’s devastating earthquake, data was provided for the future. Neither time zone was involved, and the article that Bing used to source the date was written on the correct date.

To demonstrate Bing’s new AI-powered features, I also requested a video script from Bing. Microsoft chose to highlight existing search features rather than its cool new additions. The program suggested I close with “Thank you all for watching and have a wonderful search! ” I readily agreed.

Microsoft receives feedback when Bing gets things wrong by clicking the dislike button. Currently, dislikes are routed to engineers’ inboxes to fix inaccuracies and improve Microsoft’s model, according to a Bing engineer I spoke with at Microsoft’s Redmond headquarters. As Microsoft gradually opens up its waitlist, Microsoft can fix inaccuracies using this feedback loop.

Traditional search results in Bing

In addition to the traditional search results in Bing, Microsoft displays these chat answers as well. There is often a choice between answers and the usual links, and it feels like a nice way to ease people into this new AI-powered search experience.

Microsoft’s Edge browser integrates these chatbot powers very differently from Bing and ChatGPT. Microsoft’s OpenAI partnership is getting interesting here, I think. You can now run chat queries against websites or scan entire webpages with the Edge sidebar. For example, consider an Amazon listing for a TV – you could use Bing to compare prices, find the best TV and then compile this information into an easy-to-use table that you can send to your partner.

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You can even specify tone, format, and length by using the compose tab on this new sidebar, rather than typing them out by hand (as you do in ChatGPT). Here, Microsoft’s AI model will write about anything you want, and the result will be neatly formatted and ready to publish on a blog, in an email, or in a short list.

Neither Microsoft nor Outlook mentioned this onstage today, but you can imagine a future where Word or Outlook could integrate similar features for document creation. Using Edge alongside the web-based versions of Word right now would technically accomplish this. My resignation letter was generated exactly this way.

As well as being better at writing code, Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing should also be better than ChatGPT at it. As a developer, I can’t test Microsoft’s promises in that area. Let the prompt engineering experts do that. The prompt engineers will be able to really demonstrate just how much more powerful Microsoft’s Prometheus Model really is when compared to GPT-3.5.

It is not unlikely that thousands of people will try to jailbreak Bing AI, similar to how many people have jailbroken ChatGPT to make it say bad things. To prevent this, Microsoft has put additional safeguards in place, but it will be interesting to see if the prompt engineers are able to bypass them.

In any case, Microsoft is being bold to let the public play around with this inside its search engine. Access to Bing’s new AI-powered features will require Microsoft’s Edge browser. You’ll be prompted to open Edge if you attempt to access chat in Chrome.

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how Google responds to Microsoft’s

Everyone is waiting to see how Google responds to Microsoft’s move to steal market share from Google here by making Bing more relevant. Earlier this year, Google unveiled its own ChatGPT competitor called Bard, which preempted Microsoft’s announcement. There are still some unknowns, including how it will handle queries and how it will be integrated into Google search, but it’s clear that the AI search battle has already begun.

The Verge quoted Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella as saying Google is an “800-pound gorilla” with which it is competing in search. In light of our innovation, I hope they will be more willing to show off their dancing abilities,” Nadella says. The best part will be making people dance, and that will be a memorable day for them.”


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