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What To Do About ‘Identity Verification Failed’ SRD Status



What To Do About ‘Identity Verification Failed’ SRD Status

SRD grants are available from Sassa. Have you applied? A certain application for an SRD grant received a status of ‘Identity Verification Failed’, here’s why. SRD Status

A Department of Home Affairs verification of the applicant’s details is required before SASSA approves SRD grant applications. Sassa finds that an applicant’s details don’t match the Department of Home Affairs if the applicant receives an ‘Identity Verification Failed’ status.

What To Do About ‘Identity Verification Failed’ SRD Status

When considering applications, the agency uses multiple databases to process applicants’ details. Applicants’ names, surnames, and identification numbers are first submitted to the Department of Home Affairs for verification.You can also Sassa Status Check online .

A person who believes their application was unfairly declined may appeal the decision if they wish to have it reconsidered. A reconsideration of the SRD grant application will then be required by Sassa SRD Status

You have 30 days after receiving the rejection status to lodge an appeal on the Sassa website.

How To Appeal For An SRD Grant

  • Go to
  • Enter ID number
  • Enter phone number
  • Lodge appeal

If the grant is declined each month, an appeal should be filed. SRD appeals can be tracked on the website by applicants. Within 60-90 days of the appeal being lodged, Sassa’s Independent Tribunal will send the appeal’s outcome electronically to the applicant.

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