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Informatics Hod Upgrades Her Academic Qualification During Autumn Graduation Ceremony



In the autumn graduation ceremony of the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, Dr Refilwe Mogase, current Head of Informatics, received a PhD degree.

A mobile computing model for enhancing individualized learning in South African higher education, according to Dr Refilwe Mogase, current Informatics Head of Department, will strengthen her current role as HOD and the Department of Informatics as a whole because, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, education systems worldwide are finding alternative methods for educating students.

Informatics Hod Upgrades Her Academic Qualification During Autumn Graduation Ceremony

This has resulted in teachers and students using online teaching and learning in unprecedented numbers. Underdeveloped universities typically have students whose backgrounds are disadvantaged, with poor socioeconomic conditions and inadequate education. In spite of this, many students have become adept at using mobile devices and smartphones and are proficient at using social networks.  Due to the hybrid mode, Pedagogical Learning becomes more relevant as a pedagogical method to combat the restriction of access to education in a teaching space.

Informatics Hod Upgrades Her Academic Qualification During Autumn Graduation Ceremony

Dr Refilwe Mogase, HoD in the Department of Informatics.

On the other hand, this functions as a great online learning platform aimed at reaching students like these while maintaining the social and personal aspect of learning.

Apart from completing her PhD in 2022, she has also completed her undergrad qualifications (National Diploma: IT, BTech: IT-Support), after which she went on to complete her Master’s degree – MTech: Business Information Systems. Furthermore, Dr Mogase completed a two-year leadership programme, SAAL, at Groningen University and Erasmus University in collaboration with two Dutch universities.

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A co-author of two academic articles titled “Enhancing Learning through the Use of Digital Libraries in Developing Countries Universities” and “An Adoption Model for Smart Learning in Ekurhuleni North District Secondary Schools”, Dr Mogase has published two academic articles in accredited journals. The paper she published on InPrint is entitled “Improved Personalised Learning Pedagogy through Mobile Computing Model for South African Higher Education Students”.

Her international conference papers include “E-Resources Usage in South African Higher Institutions of Learning”, “An Interactive Mobile Computing Model to Improve Personalized Learning for At-risk Students in South African Higher Education” and “Personalizing Learning with m-Technology to Improve Student Performance in South African Higher Education”. At present, one paper is being reviewed for a conference and one article is being reviewed for a journal.

It was never an option for Dr Mogase to give up on becoming a PhD graduate throughout her studies. According to her, she continually reminded herself that she belongs to a journey requiring intentionality and presence despite obstacles.

“Put God first, and everything else will fall into place,” she told students who are currently pursuing their PhDs. Life experiences – both positive and unpleasant – give wisdom. Live those experiences to gain wisdom. To maintain your motivation throughout this journey, you must take care of both your physical and emotional health. Remember why you started and envision your ultimate goal at all times.

In addition, there are another PhD graduate, Dr Tshimangadzo Mavin Tshilongamulenzhe, who holds a PhD in ICT, and eight Master’s graduates, including five who have acquired cum laude degrees.

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