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Let us Build a Country with a “More Human Face” says VC to New Graduates



Let us Build a Country with a “More Human Face” says VC to New Graduates

Our distinguished graduates are encouraged to work with your fellow TUT graduates to build the country that Steve Biko described in the 1970s as having a “more human face”. To all of you, we join Bob Marley in his “redemption song” and urge you to “emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none except ourselves can free our minds”. In a personal message to newly minted graduates as the autumn graduation season commenced on 11 April to 23 May 2023, Prof Tinyiko Maluleke, the Vice-Chancellor and Principal, urges them to go out and free the rest of the country from mental, economic, and digital slavery.

Let us Build a Country with a “More Human Face” says VC to New Graduates

This announcement marks the beginning of the university’s autumn graduation season that will add eleven thousand sixty-four (211642) future-ready graduates to the national, continental, and international workforce.

Four thousand seven hundred and forty-seven (4 747) will graduate with Honours, Postgraduate Diplomas, and Bachelor of Technology degrees, while six thousand sixty-four (2 642) are set to receive undergraduate degrees, diplomas, and certificates.

A total of forty one (41) doctoral degree candidates will be graduated from the Tshwane University of Technology in the autumn of 2023 as part of our contribution to research and development.

More Human Face

The honorary doctorates will also be awarded to Professor T Marwala and Mr MM Marhanele, both of whom are outstanding South Africans. As rector of the United Nations University, Professor Tshilidzi Marwala is an expert on artificial intelligence and an author.

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In addition to receiving a Doctor of Engineering degree, Marwala will also receive an Honoris Causa degree. A former high school principal and an extraordinary writer of indigenous languages, Max Marhanele is one of the most outstanding educators in the world. A Doctor of Language Practice degree will be awarded to Marhanele, Honoris Causa.

The new list of our exceptional graduates is released today with a sense of confidence and pride, according to Prof Maluleke’s message. Our graduates are the type of people Nelson Mandela had in mind when he said:

A person’s personal development is fueled by education. Children of peasants are able to become doctors, sons of mine workers can become mine heads, and children of farm workers can become presidents of great nations through education. People differ not because of what they are given, but because of what they make out of what they have.”

TUT students  undergo transdisciplinary and fourth-industrial-revolution-laden curricula, punctuated by industry-led work integrated learning, from first year to final year, according to Prof Maluleke. However, at TUT, excellent technology education is combined with learning about ubuntu values and ethical leadership. In the words of the Vice Chancellor:

“We ensure that by the time TUT students complete their qualifications, they have internalised the signature values of TUT, namely: integrity, diversity, equity, compassion, accountability, and excellence.”

As a final word of encouragement, Prof Maluleke said to the graduates:

“We must run towards greatness if we cannot fly towards it. We must walk towards greatness if we are unable to run. If we cannot walk, we must crawl, and if we cannot crawl, we must roll forward. However, whatever we do, TUT will never stop. We will strive to become a great university of technology by moving forward from being a good university.

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Access the full speech by Prof Tinyiko Maluleke by clicking here.

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