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Prof Tobie van Wyk from North West University, who was seconded to SADiLAR



Prof Tobie van Wyk from North West University, who was seconded to SADiLAR

Prof Tobie van Wyk from North West University, who was seconded to SADiLAR to assist in managing and executing the very important USAf supported Language Resource Audit in Higher Education, addresses participants on the project.

“SADiLaR’s master’s degree in applied linguistics and the networks he has established are crucial to fulfilling its mandate,” says director of operations Juan Steyn.

Language resources audit

Several of SADiLaR’s mandates will benefit from Prof van Dyk’s expertise. The National Language Resources Audit is included in this support. The SADiLaR project is a testament to its growing visibility in the national linguistic landscape, since Universities South Africa (USAf) commissioned the organization to conduct a language resources audit at all 26 public universities in South Africa in support of the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).

This secondment at SADiLaR resonates deeply with me because I am passionate about designing and developing language resources for different contexts and purposes and advancing multilingualism. Besides strengthening existing relationships and networks, it also gives me the chance to establish new ones,” says van Dyk. North West University

Sustainability of research infrastructure

In Additionally, Prof van Dyk’s secondment will provide valuable insight into the broader process of secondment to SADiLaR’s research infrastructure as well as general support with regard to engagement, networking, and raising awareness of SADiLaR’s resources and services.

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“Our goal is to establish a new baseline of how SADiLaR can draw on research expertise in a way that is more impactful and hands-on than previous models of visiting scholars,” Juan says. North West University

SADiLaR’s executive director, Prof Langa Khumalo, affirms this. It is continuing to be a concern in South Africa that research infrastructures such as SADiLaR have a sustainable future. We need to bring on board all the skills and expertise we have available for the next five years in order to ensure broad national impact of our work. It will be interesting to hear Prof van Dyk’s thoughts on this topic.”

North West University

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