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Sassa Social Grant Increases from 1st march 2023




Since the cost of living continues to rise for most of the country’s population, Sassa social grants have been increased for those who depend on them.

Enoch Godongwana, Finance Minister for the next financial year, announced a 5% increase in social grants during his much-anticipated budget speech.Check your Sassa Srd R350 Status Check online if you are Sassa Social Grant Receiver.

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Sassa Social Grant Increases from 1st march 2023

The Minister explained the increase to permanent grants as follows, with a confirmed R400 million allocated to Sassa for administration:

  • There will be a R2,085 increase in the old age grant, while the R2,105 increase will apply to those who are 75 years and older.
  • A raise of R2,005 will be made to the War Veterans Grant.
  • From R1 990 to R2085 will be increased the Disability Grants.
  • There will be an increase of R1,050 to R1,125 in the Foster Care Grant.
  • There will be a R2 085 increase in the Care dependency grant.
  • R480 will be increased to R505 as part of the child support grant.
  • In addition, grants-in-aid are due for an increase of R480 to R505, which will bring the total to R600.

Over the next three years, Godongwana expects the state’s beneficiaries to grow, and spending on child care and old age continues to be the highest.

How Much Increase Sassa Grants

In total, about 70% of the grant expenditures were paid through child support grants and old age grants throughout the MTEF period. It is estimated that 17.5 million beneficiaries will receive these two grants in 2023/24. As long as inflation keeps pace with social grants, they will increase over the long run,” said Godongwana.

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In Moreover, the government expects 19.6 million beneficiaries to receive permanent social grants by March 2026, compared to 18.6 million in March 2023.

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