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Student asked to pay R3 500 to ‘fast-track’ University of Venda admission



Student asked to pay R3 500 to ‘fast-track’ University of Venda admission

It appears that an admissions scandal has erupted at the University of Venda admission this week after a woman seeking admission discovered what she believes to be an admissions fraud. As reported by the Pretoria News, a woman with the Twitter handle Mimz expressed her disgust at a purported university official via WhatsApp on Wednesday.

Student asked to pay R3 500 to ‘fast-track’ University of Venda admission

Several screenshots were shared of WhatsApp messages in which the alleged official requested R3500 for her admission to be “fast tracked.”.

She wrote: “Having applied to Venda University only to receive these texts, I am shocked and disgusted by the corruption in this country.” She was apparently approached by the person attempting to extort money from her, who asked for assistance with the admission process.

The message said: “Hello. Let me assist with the admission process since I just saw your application on the portal. Would you be willing to pay a certain amount? ” Her student number was requested with suspicion.

A student number and the name of the alleged perpetrator were provided by the alleged perpetrator. As a result, she asked, “How can I know for sure that I will be admitted? ”

In response, he said: “It’s impossible to be too sure, but having your information should be enough, shouldn’t it?”

“And by the way our services start from R3.5K, but for insurance sake you can pay half now then the rest of the amount after admission.”

(University of Venda admission)

After a moment, realizing he wasn’t getting a reply, he asked how much money she had. There was no money in her pocket, she replied.

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The alleged perpetrator was not able to be reached.

An applicant at the University of Venda was bribed by a staff member in exchange for admission, according to Takalani Dzaga, its spokesperson.

Staff identified as violating the policy had been suspended pending disciplinary action, according to Dzaga. Staff members are cautioned and advised to abhor bribery and corruption by the university management.

It was the university’s commitment to root out corruption within its walls, he said.

It was acknowledged by the university in an earlier statement unrelated to this complaint that individuals were extorting money from prospective students and parents. They claimed the problem began when they hired 35 SRC members from various faculties to assist with student enrollment in 2023.

SRC students and non-SRC students

“Management at the University of Venda has been informed that some students, both SRC students and non-SRC students, are wearing regalia from their respective political organizations, as well as non-University of Venda students, are soliciting and collecting money in order to get admission and registration for the 2023 academic year from parents and/or prospective students,” the university announced.

SRC responded on twitter: “As the SRC, we would like to clarify admissions.”.

“We will first process admissions for science students (students who studied life sciences, environmental sciences, and agricultural sciences).

This type of student is currently being accepted.

“Space constraints forced us to give priority to reapplying applicants who took a gap year last year.

“We have only admitted graduates from last year so far.

“Graduates in scientific subjects will be the first to graduate this year,” it added.

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