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TUT and SuperSport United Partnership to Benefit Women’s Football Team



TUT and SuperSport United Partnership to Benefit Women’s Football Team

TUT and SuperSport United Partnership to Benefit Women’s Football Team. Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) has joined forces with SuperSport United, a Premier Soccer League (PSL) side, in a partnership aimed at bolstering TUT’s women’s football team.

Dr. Shadrack Nthangeni, the Executive Director for Student Affairs at TUT, is optimistic that this collaboration will help the women’s football team retain key players and improve their performance in the Hollywood Bets Super League.

TUT and SuperSport United Partnership

The partnership comes at a crucial time when TUT has faced challenges due to players leaving for professional clubs.

Challenges in Player Retention

TUT’s women’s football team, traditionally strong, encountered setbacks in the current season as several players departed for professional clubs like TS Galaxy Queens. The allure of better financial incentives from these clubs posed challenges for TUT to retain its talented players, given that the university’s primary focus is on academics.

Nthangeni highlights that, as a university, TUT prioritizes academic pursuits, and students must be enrolled as students before they can participate as soccer players.

Academic Support and Sports Bursary

One significant advantage TUT offers its student-athletes is the assurance of academic support through sports bursaries. Unlike non-student professional players, TUT’s students can receive support for their academic journey alongside their sporting pursuits.

The combination of academic assistance and sports bursaries often exceeds the financial benefits offered by professional clubs, making TUT an appealing option for student-athletes.

SuperSport United’s Resources

The partnership with SuperSport United brings new opportunities for TUT’s women’s football team. The resources and infrastructure available to SuperSport United, including their robust scouting operations and networks, will now aid TUT’s team in enhancing its capabilities.

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This support is expected to elevate the performance of TUT’s women’s team, potentially leading them to continental competitions.

Sponsorship Benefits

Part of the partnership agreement entails sharing some of SuperSport United’s sponsorships with TUT’s women’s football team. Nthangeni is enthusiastic about this aspect, as it will enable TUT’s team to enjoy similar benefits as their namesake, SuperSport United.

The possibility of sponsors featuring on TUT’s jerseys, akin to SuperSport’s, is a promising development that could provide significant exposure and support to the university team.


The partnership between TUT and SuperSport United marks a pivotal moment for TUT’s women’s football team. The collaboration promises to address the challenges of player retention and equip the team with the resources needed to excel in the Hollywood bets Super League.

With SuperSport United’s support and the assurance of academic assistance, TUT’s women’s football team is poised to thrive and potentially compete on a continental level, adding a new dimension to their sporting journey.

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