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TUT Biokinetics Lecturer Receives Prestigious Medical Award



TUT Biokinetics Lecturer Receives Prestigious Medical Award

Tshwane University of Technology’s Department of Sport, Rehabilitation and Dental Sciences’ Dr Takalani Muluvhu, a Biokinetics lecturer and course coordinator, has been awarded the National Medical Award in the category of Health Care Leadership during the National Medical Awards (NMA) function in June 2023 by the Alliance of South African Independent Practitioners Associations (ASAIPA). Independent private health practitioners in South Africa can now enrol in the NMA in order to be recognized with a prestigious platform of honor. Every year, ASAIPA hosts the National Medical Association Awards (NMA), in which the five practitioner associations participate by nominating and selecting their own candidate(s).

TUT Biokinetics Lecturer Receives Prestigious Medical Award

From 2013 to 2022, Dr Muluvhu served as director of public sector at Biokinetics Association of South Africa, and he was also a member of the physiotherapy, podiatry, and biokinetics board at Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA) from 2017 to 2022. In addition to being a passionate member and active contributor to BASA, he is a registered Biokineticist with the South African Health Promotion Council (HPCSA).

TUT Biokinetics Lecturer Receives Prestigious Medical Award

Dr Takalani Muluvhu

He has also been credited for initiating a project to incorporate Biokinetics into the public sector, titled “Research in Progress”. We will be submitting the project to the National Department of Health in the near future.

The importance of establishing Biokinetic services in the public health sector has been addressed by Dr Muluvhu in collaboration with Dr A Khovaldia at Nelson Mandela University (Faculty of Health Sciences). This recognizes the importance of addressing the impacts and management of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) on the lives of people. NCDs such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity can be prevented and treated with biokinetics, which uses exercise and movement as therapy. Specifically, their collaboration aims to increase availability of Biokinetic services in South Africa, where NCDs pose a substantial burden to people’s quality of life.

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A healthier society can be achieved by integrating Biokinetics into the public health sector, which will improve health outcomes and improve quality of life, as well as reduce NCD impact.

  • ASAIPA represents all primary healthcare practitioners in independent private practice (IPA) to form a multidisciplinary group and referral network for practitioners. ASAIPA is a national network and representative organization that represents the interests of 13 IPAs in South Africa.

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