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TUT Delivers 98 First-Line Healthcare Workers to South Africa



The strategic pillar of Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) of producing future-ready graduates with a positive social impact has never been more evident than at the Faculty of Science Graduation ceremony, which saw 40 Bachelor of Pharmacy students and 58 Bachelor of Technology Nursing Science students transition from student healthcare workers to first-line healthcare professionals.

After capping the young professionals, the Pharmacy Oath and Nursing Lamp ceremonies formed part of the celebration of excellence.

TUT Delivers 98 First-Line Healthcare Workers to South Africa

Pharmacy oaths are taken as a commitment by pharmacists to uphold ethical principles and fulfill their responsibilities as practitioners, says Dr Baatile Komane, HoD of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

TUT Delivers 98 First-Line Healthcare Workers to South Africa

The Faculty of Science recently held a graduation ceremony for 40 Bachelor of Pharmacy and 58 Bachelor of Technology Nursing Science students.

Taking the oath reminds pharmacists that they play a vital role in healthcare and that patients and society trust them. Pharmacy professionals uphold the integrity and professionalism of the entire profession by upholding and adhering to this oath, which contributes to safe, effective, and patient-centered care.”

Professor Yolanda Havenga, Assistant Dean for The Faculty of Science, Teaching and Learning, addressed the nursing lamp ceremony and said that it symbolizes a transition from a student nurse to a professional nurse and holds significance in the nursing profession. Traditions like these are deeply rooted in history and serve as a way to pass on nursing knowledge, values, and responsibilities to new graduates. Nursing professions are characterized by the lamp itself as a symbol of enlightenment, hope, guidance, and enlightenment.

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The ceremony signifies the beginning of these young healthcare workers’ professional careers as registered healthcare professionals. Their accomplishments reinforce the commitment of healthcare workers to provide quality patient care and uphold ethical principles. As health science professionals, they reaffirm their dedication to patients by participating in these ceremonies,” Professor Havenga said.

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