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Shaping South Africa’s Digital Future TUT Ready to Launch Artificial Intelligence Hub



On 24 March 2023, Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), the University of Johannesburg (UJ) and the Department of Communications and Digital Technology will officially launch the TUT Hub of the Artificial Intelligence Institute of South Africa.

Shaping South Africa’s Digital Future TUT Ready to Launch Artificial Intelligence Hub

It As a University with high-end expertise in Artificial Intelligence, TUT is answering the call of the Department of Communications and Digital Technology to contribute to the advancement of the digital economy. The University of Johannesburg is an excellent partner for TUT to accomplish this great national duty.

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TUT Hub of the Artificial Intelligence Institute of South Africa is being launched at TUT in November 2022, and we look forward to participating in the launch. The university is proud to be a member of a regional and continental AI center of excellence network.

 TUT Ready to Launch Artificial Intelligence Hub

Minister of Communications and Digital Technology, Honorable Mondli-Gungubele.

We have reached the point when South Africa needs to join the global digital revolution. Aiming to bend the arch of the digital universe in South Africa’s favor, the Artificial Intelligence Institute of South Africa’s work is to develop artificial intelligence. By doing so, South Africa will cease to be a consumer of solutions and algorithms conceptualized elsewhere. According to TUT’s Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Prof Maluleke, South Africa will become the author and shaper of its own digital destiny.

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The TUT has several AI projects connected to Government Catalytic projects. TUT’s AI Hub will be showcasing AI Capacity Building for Public Servants, AI Infrastructure Enhancement for the Motor Industry, Modernizing Public Services and AI in Farming and Food Production. 

There are three main project areas that target the country’s economy: 4IR in Manufacturing (value chain), Healthcare, and Farming/Agriculture and Food Processing (Agriculture 5.0).

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Enhancing South Africa’s technological competitiveness

” We have a great deal of potential to fight youth unemployment through the AI Institute of South Africa (AIISA) by imparting the much needed skills that will make them job creators and shapers of the workplace of the 21st century.

In various sectors, AI can be the engine of economic advancement, as demonstrated by the catalytic projects already in place at TUT and UJ. A significant player in the Fourth Industrial Revolution will be South Africa as a result of AIISA’s formation. The Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies, Honourable Mondli Gungubele, expressed excitement about the launch of the TUT AI Hub.

 TUT Ready to Launch Artificial Intelligence Hub

Prof Maluleke, Vice-Chancellor and Principal.

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Prof Letlhokwa Mpedi, Vice-Chancellor of UJ, says: “The establishment of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence demonstrates the collective agility and impact of the two universities and the department in the 4IR space, which extends beyond South Africa’s borders to Africa and abroad. During the Institute’s inaugural launch at UJ, we declared that working collaboratively with machines would become the norm in the digital future. Our strategy is to ensure UJ’s approach to digital technologies is not only innovative, but also human-centric, so that it has a positive and transformative impact on people.” 

In Additionally, Prof Maluleke stressed the strategic significance of the TUT AI Hub, saying that, in a world in which artificial intelligence is both ubiquitous and indispensable, our role in establishing the AIISA represents our University’s intention to play a part in the creation of the country’s technological future..” 

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