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TUT Student Development and Support 2024



TUT Student Development and Support 2024

TUT Student Development and Support 2024. The Directorate of Student Development and Support aims to facilitate academic success, and provides psychological, support services to students through offering the following programmes and services.

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TUT Student Development and Support 2024

  • Personal counselling and therapy
  • Career guidance and counselling
  • Learning and study skills development
  • Assessment-based academic development
  • English proficiency interventions
  • Academic support for students with disabilities
  • Training for student mentors

These services are offered to all TUT students on the TUT campuses.

Career counselling and guidance

The Directorate of Student Development and Support offers a comprehensive Career counselling service. This service is available to all who would like to make an informed decision when choosing a programme to study or a career.

The programme and career recommendations are not restricted to the Tshwane University of Technology only, but are directed at addressing the needs of the individual. The following specialised services are available to all prospective students:

  • Career counselling interviews for basic information and the verification of study and career options as well as basic career planning (available at all learning sites at no cost).
  • Full psychometric assessment, detailed feedback with recommendations on suitable study and career options and a comprehensive written report. This process is recommended to prospective students who are uncertain about their abilities, interests, personality and appropriate career options (avail- able at specific learning sites; costs involved).

Please phone the applicable number for further information and to make arrangements:

TUT Student Development and Support 2024

TUT Student Development and Support 2024

TUT Student Development and Support 2024

Prospective students with disabilities


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The University is under no obligation to accommodate a student’s disability if the student wishes not to declare such disability.

Application and admission

Measures of accommodation will be determined by assessing the following:

  • Physical infrastructure requirements, also specifically concerning
    • Accessibility of all buildings, including residences
    • Sport and recreational needs
  • Counselling and support needs (including needs regarding selection and accommodation)
  • External resources required and available
  • Ability of academic programme, along with the Directorate of Teaching and Learning with Technology to accommodate the disability, more specifically in terms of:
    • financial,
    • logistical and
    • staffing abilities
  • Personal support system and coping mechanisms for the person with the

Contact the Disability Coordinator at the campus where you wish to enroll. Please phone the applicable number above for further information.

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