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TUT students join Witsies with demands over fees



‘We should be inside learning’ – TUT students join Witsies with demands over fees

On 6 March 2023, a protester stands outside the gates of the Tshwane University of Technology. There were blockades at the entrances, preventing students from entering. (TUT students)

Students at the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) have vowed to continue protesting throughout the week until their grievances are addressed.

The TUT’s entrance was blocked yesterday by students forming a human chain along the booms, preventing anyone from entering.

Students at TUT have joined students at Wits University in protesting last week, demanding the university allow students who owe debts of less than R150 000 to register. Accommodation was also demanded.


TUT by protesting students

There was a blockage of the entrance to TUT by protesting students and tyres were burned. Students who declined to give their names said they were waiting on the street corner for transport because they couldn’t go to class.

“The bus made a U-turn and dropped us off here because the road was closed with burning tyres,” one person said.

Since yesterday there were no classes, the students turned around.

“ They told us they would burn us if we went in,” said another student.

TUT students

Then there was the student who drove from Soshanguve to class only to be turned away by the teacher.

“Now I need to waste more money again to go home.”

The students are currently writing tests, and Mpho Nkosi is concerned about the amount of time they are losing in class.

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“It is unfair for us to sit outside instead of learning so that we can earn money,” he said.

Striking students warned them that classes would be disrupted for the remainder of the week, according to Nkosi.

As more students went through the gate, their cars were stopped at the entrance and forced to turn around. Among the protesting students, one said they didn’t care about what was going on at Wits and said they had their own problems at TUT.

Students have no money for food

Students have also been unable to register due to outstanding fees and the unequal distribution of NSFAS funds, according to Central Student Representative Council (CSRC) treasurer Mandisa Radebe.

According to Radebe, there is no food on campus and 35 000 students should be served in one cafeteria. TUT students

It’s hard for students to buy food because there are long queues and high prices,” she explained.

Student residents lack stoves and must walk long distances to buy ready-made meals, Radebe said.

“The gates have been closed today, so students have to walk hours to class,” she said.

According to Kagiso, who blocked the entrance, academic records were not received. TUT students

Our purpose here is to study, but if we don’t get results or certificates, they want us to pay. What are you doing this for? ”

Asked how he could pay off his debt without his results and accreditation, he wondered how he would find a job

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