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Students’ creativity is tapped in a wine label design competition



Students' creativity is tapped in a wine label design competition

by Gerrit Bester

The Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) has partnered with label and packaging giant ROTOCON to launch a wine label design competition. Students from TUT’s Faculty of Arts and Design’s Department of Visual Communications may enter the competition. In June, WineLand Media will announce the winner of its 30 Under 30 Awards.

Wine Label Design Competition

As part of their Integrated Communication Design curriculum, TUT students will design a cutting-edge, innovative wine label that incorporates the design process and strong ideation as well as contemporary printing processes, as well as finishes such as foiling, varnishing, die-cutting, and embossing.

A winner will be selected from the competition, awarded R30 000 prize money, flown to Cape Town to receive a certificate from ROTOCON as a recognition for their knowledge of label printing and finishing, and recognized at WineLand Media/ROTOCON’s prestigious 30 Under 30 Awards luncheon.

“WineLand Media’s 30 Under 30 Awards are sponsored by ROTOCON for the fourth consecutive year, and this competition is part of the company’s efforts to support the event by recognizing the creativity and technical intricacies of wine label design as well as inspiring young students to drive innovation in the wine industry,” said Banie Stafford, Marketing and Branding Director at ROTOCON.

ROTOCON’s 30 Under 30 Awards will present the winner’s design applied to wine bottles printed on a print press equipped with auxiliary technologies.

In order for us to succeed, we need to develop a strong partnership between industry and the University. This dynamic partnership will enhance our students’ ability to design and produce wine labels for the industry, and we are excited to add this to our offerings,” said Herman Botes, Head of the Visual Communication Department.

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It was announced by WineLand Media that 30 young professionals would be recognized for their outstanding efforts in the wine industry, including soil scientists, sommeliers, winemakers, wine marketers, academics, PR and marketing experts, harvest assistants, and brand ambassadors. label design

“We want to hear these young voices, share their vision for our industry, and support them in shaping their futures,” says Wanda Augustyn, Editor of WineLand.

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