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TUT Bridging Courses 2023/2024, Tshwane University of Technology



TUT Bridging Courses 2023/2024

For the academic session 2022/2023, the following TUT Bridging Courses are offered at the Tshwane University of Technology.

Bridging Courses are short, focused programs that prepare students for higher education institutions. In addition to being considered introductory courses, they can also range between six months and one year in duration. Designed to prepare students for the pace and standards of tertiary education, these courses are designed to prepare students for this.

A list of ALL of the TUT Bridging Courses being offered by Tshwane University of Technology will be available for the academic session 2022-2023 soon.

TUT Online Application 2024 Are Open

Purpose of the Short Learning Programme

In order to facilitate the appointment of EMIs, the SLP aims to capacitate practicing EHPs working in local authorities. Thus, they will have the ability to enforce environmental legislation in their jurisdictions. In this context, the purpose of the programme is to provide participants with the necessary practical experience and knowledge to:

  • Nominated as EMIs by provincial MECs
  • Investigate environmental violations and assist with prosecution. The legal processes that will be followed in such prosecutions must be understood in an acceptable manner
  • Knowledge of the National Environment Management: Waste Act and the National Environment: Air Quality Act.​

TUT Bridging Courses Material

As a pre-course assignment will be required from participants to demonstrate pre-knowledge, a pre-course assignment will be provided in electronic format to participants in advance of the start of the course. You will need to submit this assignment on the first day of the program

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Assessment of TUT courses

There will be much activity in the programme from 8:00 to 17:00, and you will need to be prepared to participate actively throughout the whole programme. Your portfolio will need extra time during the evenings in between the program days (day 5).

All three assessments must be included in a portfolio of evidence on day 5 of the course:

  • (10%) Pre-course assignment
  • There are two group work activities and a written test (90%) during the course.
  • After the course is complete, the portfolio of evidence will only be kept for records.

Contact Details of TUT Bridging Courses

Registration Enquiries

Registration Enquiries

Programme Detail Enquiries

Programme Detail Enquiries

TUT Contact Centre

For more detail visit official site

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