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TUT Granted Hemp Permits on Cultivation and Commercialisation



TUT Granted Hemp Permits on Cultivation and Commercialisation

TUT Granted Hemp Permits on Cultivation and Commercialisation. Tshwane University of Technology and CSIR Cannabis Hub have obtained two hemp permits one for cultivation and commercialization and the other for research purposes. These permits authorize hemp cultivation on up to 20 hectares of land.

TUT Granted Hemp Permits on Cultivation and Commercialisation

This development opens avenues for collaboration with TUT Crop Science, Engineering Department, and other relevant entities, both within and outside the university, focusing on agricultural advancements.

Prof David Katerere, Research Platform Chair of Pharmaceutical and Biotech Advancement in Africa (PBA2) and Co-Director of the TUT/CSIR Cannabis Research Hub, expressed excitement about the permits. He emphasized hemp’s diverse applications in pharmaceuticals, nutrition, industrial products, and its environmental benefits.

Stepping Stone for Research

Prof Katerere highlighted the permits as a crucial step for hemp research, spanning genetics, agronomics, and product development. He underscored South Africa’s progressive hemp legislation compared to other countries and emphasized the need to leverage this momentum.

Research and Support

The Cannabis Hub aims to expedite research and aid hemp growers. They have already collaborated with growers, facilitating innovative product development utilizing oils produced at the hub. Additionally, their involvement in international organizations like the Federation of Industrial Hemp Organizations (FIHO) bolsters efforts on quality and sustainability within hemp value chains.

Future Collaborations and Partnerships

Prof Katerere anticipates a forthcoming visit from a high-level French delegation, facilitated by partnerships with organizations like COBASA, TIA, CSIR, and ARC. This visit aims to enhance research and business collaborations between France and Southern Africa, further advancing hemp research and development initiatives.

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