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Which Courses are Available for Late Application at TUT?



Which Courses are Available for Late Application at TUT?

Which Courses are Available for Late Application at TUT? The Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) offers a diverse range of courses spanning various fields such as engineering, humanities, science, and information and communication technology, among others.

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These courses are available at both undergraduate and master’s levels, offering a wide array of career pathways. To enroll in a course, meeting the specified minimum requirements is essential, granting you access to a multitude of educational and career opportunities.

Which Courses are Available for Late Application at TUT?

Courses Available for Late Application at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) – Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment

Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Electrical

  • This program focuses on electrical engineering principles, including electrical systems, electronics, and power generation and distribution.

BEng Tech (Industrial Engineering)

  • Industrial Engineering combines engineering principles with business management to optimize complex processes, systems, and operations

BEngTech (Mechatronic Engineering)

  • Mechatronic Engineering integrates mechanical, electronic, and computer engineering to design intelligent systems and products

BEngTech (Materials Engineering in Polymers)

  • This program explores the engineering of materials, with a specialization in polymers, plastics, and related applications.

BEngTech (Metallurgical Engineering)

  • Metallurgical Engineering focuses on the extraction, production, and manipulation of metals for various industrial purposes.

BGeomatics (Surveying)

  • Geomatics involves surveying, mapping, and spatial data analysis, essential for land development and urban planning

Higher Certificate in Construction Engineering

  • This certificate provides foundational knowledge in construction engineering principles and practices.

Higher Certificate in Electrical Engineering

  • The certificate covers fundamental electrical engineering concepts, offering a basis for further studies or entry-level positions.
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Courses Available for Late Application at TUT – Faculty of Economics & Finance

Diploma in Public Finance

  • This program covers various aspects of public finance, including budgeting, financial management, and public policy analysis.

Courses Available for Late Application at TUT – Faculty of Science

BSc (Industrial Chemistry)

  • This program focuses on the application of chemistry in industrial processes, product development, and quality control.

Diploma in Food Technology

  •  This diploma covers the science and technology behind food production, processing, safety, and quality assurance.

Courses Available for Late Application at TUT – Information and Communication

DIP (Multimedia Computing) (IT)

  • This diploma program covers multimedia technologies, including graphics, animation, audio, and video in an IT context.

Diploma in Informatics

  • Informatics explores the intersection of computer science, information technology, and business management.

Dip (Computer Science)

  • This program offers a comprehensive understanding of computer science principles, algorithms, and software development.

Dip (Computer Systems Eng) (Extended)

  • The extended diploma focuses on computer systems engineering, including hardware, software, and networking.

Course Available for Late Application at TUT – Management Sciences

Diploma in Administrative Management (Finance)

  • This program combines administrative skills with financial knowledge, preparing students for roles in financial management within organizations.


Please note that these descriptions are general overviews of the programs. For specific details, admission requirements, and application deadlines, you should visit TUT’s official website or contact the university directly.

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