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How To Book TUT Online Application Appointment 2024



How To Book TUT Online Application Appointment 2024

How To Book TUT Online Application Appointment 2024. When entering the appointment booking system on Self Help iEnabler, you need to start by filling in your Student credentials (see instructions below).

Use the Student Guide for Booking Appointments, Requesting Consultations, and Cancelling Appointments. Log into iEnabler as normal by fill into your detail student number and pin

How To Book TUT Online Application Appointment 2024

Making New Appointments

  • Scroll down until you get to Medical Web

  • To make an appointment, click on “Make Appointment”.

  • Indicate the date on which you wish to consult.

  • On Clinic Code click the drop-down arrow to choose the campus where you attend classes or the centre near where you live or where you work as a student assistant.

NB: Students from Soshanguve North will choose Soshanguve.

  • Choose the Practitioner that is available

  • Choose type of consultation

  • Choose “patient status” by clicking the drop-down arrow and select STUDENT.

  • Then click on “Query”. This will give you the practitioners’ availability times. Click on the desired time; taking note of working hours. If the time does not match your availability, you can change the practitioner

  • Now you can click on Create Booking.

  • You will see a pop-up message stating that your Booking number was successfully created. Then click OK.


Querying an Appointment and Cancellation

You can query your appointment from the left-hand menu by clicking on Query Appointment. You will be directed to a page where you can view the details of the appointment.

  • Please submit your biometric appointment request through the Meta portal.
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You can also view the status of the appointment, such as whether it is confirmed or cancelled. Finally, you can screenshot the appointment for your records.

  • Your booking will be at the top of the list. Place your pointer on the booking number and click.

All the details of your appointment are available for you to view.

  • Should you notice that you will not be able to honour your appointment, please cancel your booking in advance. Click on Cancel Booking

  • Your cancellation will be confirmed with a pop-up message stating that you Booking number successfully cancelled. Whenever an appointment is cancelled, you must schedule a new one.

  • Click on “Return” to view the date on which you cancelled your appointment.

  • Upon viewing the screen, you will see a cancellation of your appointment.

Cancellation of appointments

  • 24-hour notice is required for postponement or cancellation of appointments.
  • Appointments are self-managed by the student and may be cancelled on the online booking system. The link to access and manage your appointment will be provided in the confirmation email.


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