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How to Apply for Residence at TUT for 2024?



How to Apply for Residence at TUT for 2024?

The Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) is the largest residential educational institution in South Africa. As a student at TUT, you will have the opportunity to interact with peers from diverse backgrounds, engage in intellectual challenges, explore various cultures, and participate in sports activities.

The university aims to provide a nurturing environment where students can enhance their personal development and acquire exciting new skills.

How to Apply for Residence at TUT for 2024?

To apply for residence accommodation, students must log in to their Student iEnabler accounts and access the Residence Application section. Alternatively, they can directly visit the link:

It is crucial for returning students to adhere to this procedure, as failure to do so may result in them not being guaranteed a residence space for the following year.

Residential Facilities and Accommodation

TUT offers affordable accommodation to its students through 36 residences, which are either owned or leased by the university. These residences vary in size, facilities provided, and pricing options. Each residence offers basic amenities, and some may have specialized facilities unique to their specific location.

Application for Residence Accommodation

First-year students must indicate their interest in applying for residence accommodation on the official TUT admission application form. The selection process for these students is primarily based on unconditional acceptance for enrollment in a full-time academic qualification at TUT.

In case there are more qualifying first-year students than available residence spaces, further selection will consider the date of unconditional acceptance by the faculty.

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Returning senior students are required to apply for residence accommodation for the following year before the end of October. The application process is conducted online through their Student iEnabler accounts.

Failure to follow this procedure may result in the student not being assured of a residence space for the subsequent year. The selection of returning students is based on specific criteria outlined in the placement policy, including academic performance, the number of years allowed in residence, and subject registration.

Selection and Admission Process

Upon receiving applications for residence accommodation, the residence administration office at each campus evaluates them based on the specified requirements. Successful applicants are conditionally admitted, contingent on meeting all necessary criteria at the time of residence registration. Students who are conditionally admitted will be informed of their residence application status.

Registration in Residences

Students who have been conditionally admitted to residences can complete their registration as a resident through an online process after they have academically registered and paid the registration fee or made appropriate arrangements with Student Finance. Each campus is equipped with information technology facilities to facilitate this registration process.

Once registered, students should proceed to the allocated residence and report to the residence advisor. Upon successful registration, students will receive proof of residence registration, which they must submit to the residence advisor.

TUT’s residences provide a conducive environment for hardworking, diligent, creative, and progressive young individuals, fostering personal and academic growth throughout their university journey.

Residence Application Enquiries

If you have any inquiries regarding residence applications, admission, or registration, you can visit the Residence Administration office on your campus. For those at distant campuses, you can get in touch with the residence advisor. Here are the contact details:

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Campus Phone Number Email Address
eMalahleni​ +27 13 656 4893 [email protected]
Ga-Rankuwa +27 12 382 0564 [email protected]
Mbombela +27 13 752 3215 [email protected]
Pretoria (including Arts/Arcadia) +27 12 382 5511/4 [email protected]
Polokwane +27 15 382 9463 [email protected]
Soshanguve +27 12 382 9274/9715 [email protected]​​

​​​​TUT is continuously in the process of acquiring additional accommodation but currently the following residences are available per campus:

Pretoria West
Residence​​ Gender Residence Advisor Office Number Email A​ddress
Ms Nomsa Kulehile +27 12 382 4100 [email protected]
Denise Female Ms Ishara Sing
+27 12 382 5788​
[email protected]
Minjonet​ Female Ms Sphelele Xulu +27 12 382 5905
Female Ms Catherine Pheme +27 12 382 5922 [email protected]
Lezard Mixed Mr Bushy Moloi +27 12 382 5752 [email protected]
Magalies Male Mr Vincent Madiga +27 12 382 5692 [email protected]
Orion Mixed Mr Jonas Magedi +27 12 382 4773 [email protected]
Monitor Male Ms Endriëtta Els +27 12 382 3002 [email protected]
Muzinda​ Mixed Mr Vuyani Sigauga +27 74 601 6495​ [email protected]​​


Residence Gender Residence Advisor Office Number Email Address
Tempo Mixed Vacant +27 12 341 0831
Heidehof​ Female Ms Hester Louw +27 12 382 3033 ​​[email protected]


​Residence​ Gender Residence Advisor Office Number Email Address
Kollegehof Mixed Mr Jackey Masekela +27 12 329 2962 [email protected]
Mixed Mr Simon Molokomme +27 12 323 2065 [email protected]

Soshanguve South ​

Residence​​ Gender Residence Advisor Office Number Email Address
Sosh 1 Female Revinah Masenya +27 12 382 9653 [email protected]
Sosh 2 Male Evans Maqungo +27 12 382 9836 [email protected]
Sosh 3 Female Dorothy Malewa +27 12 382 9786 [email protected]
Sosh 4 Male Koketso Mnguni​ +27 12 382 9124 [email protected]​​
So​sh 5 Mixed Christina Letlape +27 12 382 9064 [email protected]
Student Town Mixed
Patrick Babuseng
+27 12 382 9124 [email protected]​​
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Soshanguve North​

Residence​​​ Gender Residence Advisor Office Number Email Address
Mixed Kgalabi Phale +27 12 382 9463 [email protected]
TCE 2​ Mixed Serojane Gosiame +27 12 382 9388 [email protected]
CCT/Towers Mixed Archie Bulasigobo +27 12 382 9906 [email protected]
Telkom Mixed Welhemina Mosomane +27 12 799 2329 [email protected]​​


Residence​​​​ Gender Residence Advisor Office Number Email Address
Gaetsho Female Regina Mathe +27 12 382 0677 [email protected]
Skierlik Female Andronica Mogase +27 12 382 0548 [email protected]
Legae Male Peter Mabuse +27 12 382 0775 [email protected]
East Mixed David Masiza +27 12 382 0713 [email protected]​​
New Residence Mixed Charlotte Choshi +27 12 382 0711 [email protected]


Residence​​​​​ Gender Residence Advisor Office Number Email Address
Mabaleng Mixed Thomas Mnisi +27 13 656 4893 [email protected]
Khayalethu Mixed Titus Dagane [email protected]

Mbombela ​

Residence​​​​​ Gender Residence Advisor Office Number Email Address
Mebala Mixed Millicent Msibi +27 13 752 3215 [email protected]​​


Residence​​​​​ Gender Residence Advisor Office Number Email Address
Baobab Manor Mixed Nare Mathekga +27 15 382 9463 [email protected]
The Landing​​​ Mixed Nare Mathekga +27 15 382 9463 [email protected]
Feel free to reach out to the respective office for any assistance or information related to your residence accommodations.
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