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TUT Drama Alum Wins Triple Crown



TUT Drama Alum Wins Triple Crown. Zusakhe Ngqame, an esteemed alumnus of TUT, has achieved a remarkable feat by winning three prestigious awards for his play IMXINWA! The play, which Zusakhe also directed, clinched three First Independent Theatre Markers Awards during the centenary celebration of the TX Theatre in Tembisa.

TUT Drama Alum Wins Triple Crown

This extraordinary accomplishment stands as a testament to Zusakhe’s dedication and hard work as a gifted drama student at TUT. The accolades for Best Musical, Best Ensemble, and Best Supporting Female Actor, awarded to Zaza Cala, underscore Zusakhe’s exceptional creativity and visionary direction evident in IMXINWA.

Appreciation for the Team Effort

Zusakhe expresses profound appreciation for his team’s unwavering commitment in delivering a stellar performance with IMIXINWA. He credits the success to his talented and dedicated cast and crew, emphasizing their belief in him and their collective efforts in crafting the masterpiece that is Imxinwa.

Gratitude and Acknowledgment

Zusakhe extends gratitude to all who have contributed to his journey, including the management of the South African State Theatre and the coordinators of the Incubator Programme for their support and belief in his potential. He recognizes the instrumental role these opportunities have played in shaping him as a new theatre director.

Reflections on Achievement and Artistry

For Zusakhe, winning an award serves as validation for the hard work invested in creating art that resonates deeply with audiences. He emphasizes the importance of self-belief, dedication, and respect for one’s craft in achieving success as an artist.

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Tribute to TUT Influence

Zusakhe acknowledges the pivotal role played by TUT Drama Department in nurturing and shaping him as an independent artist. He credits the dedicated lecturers for their belief in him and their invaluable contribution to his growth and development as an artist.

Future Endeavors and Aspirations

Looking ahead, Zusakhe plans to expand the reach of his production and share it with broader audiences. Securing funding is identified as a critical step in realizing these aspirations, enabling him to stage IMXINWA at various theatre festivals and venues across different towns and provinces, thereby enriching the cultural landscape.

TUT Drama Alum Wins Triple Crown

TUT Drama Alum Wins Triple Crown

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