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 TUT Financial Aid for Students General Information 2024



TUT Financial Aid for Students General Information 2024. To be considered for funding in any academic year, the applicant must ensure to follow due processes and comply with the terms and conditions stipulated and applicable to each funding category.

TUT Status Check 2024

Failing to do so will result in the application not being considered. As a general rule, no late or incomplete applications will be accepted.

 TUT Financial Aid for Students General Information 2024

Please consult the Financial Aid website at for updated and relevant information with regards to funding opportunities and application requirements.

External funding

This refers to bursaries that are allocated to students from sources outside of the University. These include undergraduate and postgraduate bursaries from public, private, corporate/industry, government, parastatals and international sources. Please consult our website for more information on possible funding opportunities.

Internal university funding

Internal awards are allocated to any bona fide student from first-time entering students to postgraduate students who enroll at the University. It is the University’s intention to attract and retain quality students by rewarding excellent academic and non-academic performance.

It also serves the purpose of general support to students on merit as outlined by the specific policy that governs the funding category. For further detail on the application and allocation criteria of these bursaries, please refer to the financial aid website mentioned above.

National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS)

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) provides financial aid opportunities from various sources to academically deserving and financially needy students who wish to study at tertiary education institutions.

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The following provides general information on NSFAS. However, please consult the NSFAS website at, as well as the University website for more information.

Students need to apply online and create or register an account. He/she must ensure to retain the application reference number for future enquiries. In order to receive a reference number, the system must “save” the application. The reference number should be kept safe as it is the only proof that a student has applied for NSFAS funding.

Please take note of the following closing dates which are currently applicable. The NSFAS website ( contains future updates in this regard.

 TUT Financial Aid for Students General Information 2024

Who should apply?

  • Students who are South African
  • Students whose combined family income is less than R350
  • All new applicants (matriculants) or students who passed Grade 12 in previous years, but never registered at any
  • Students who have never received NSFAS
  • If a student applied for, and receive funding in any particular year, he/ she do not need to re-apply. Continued funding for the subsequent years is based on a student’s academic performance in the year that funding was
  • However, if a student do not register in the subsequent year of funding and have taken a “gap year”, a student will be required to re-apply.

All students funded from the 2016 academic year onwards must register on the NSFAS website to verify their details.

Continued funding will depend on the student’s annual academic performance. Additional assistance can be provided to current and prospective students who would like to apply online, but do not have access. Please contact the local Financial Aid Office for more information.

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Any student who needs assistance with their application are requested to ensure they bring all the necessary documents to apply (consult the NSFAS website for a checklist of these documents).

Access to any of the University campuses will only be granted on presentation of proof that you applied for admission at TUT. This is also dependent on the Disaster Management Act, 2005 (Act No. 53 of 2005), as amended for the Covid19 pandemic protocols.

Parents or guardians that accompany prospective students will also be required to present a valid ID to gain access.

All applicants must have a cell phone and valid e-mail address a cell phone and valid e-mail address at hand in order to receive the “one-time pin (OTP)”. This will be needed to complete the application process.

Applicants should visit the NSFAS website and follow the online instructions to submit information and to apply directly. Applicants should use their own cellphone number and e-mail address (and not that of their parents) as NSFAS will use this information for communication.

Applicants should keep the reference number for enquiries, and update their details continuously on NSFAS website as well as TUT biographical information.

Please contact the local Financial Aid Office or NSFAS directly (if more information is required) at 0860 067 327, or visit the website:, or e-mail to [email protected] . for enquiries.

The University will not make any funding decision as this will be done by NSFAS.

Final confirmation of the outcome of applications will be provided by the University based on the decision by NSFAS. It is therefore imperative that applicants follow the application processes and provide the required documentation before the closing dates.

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CONTACT DETAILS                                                                             

For any enquiries regarding Financial Aid, please see below contact numbers per Campus, or visit the University website.



Arcadia Campus

012 382 6295 [email protected]
Arts Campus 012 382 6157

[email protected]

eMalahleni Campus

012 382 3121 [email protected]
Ga-Rankuwa Campus 012 382 0542

[email protected]

Mbombela Campus

012 382 3661 [email protected]
Polokwane Campus 012 382 0976

[email protected]

Pretoria Campus

012 382 4230 [email protected]
Soshanguve North Campus 012 382 9195

[email protected]

Soshanguve South Campus 012 382 9272

[email protected]

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